Content Marketing Program Development

Content marketing has been around for over a hundred years. But the technology advancements of the last decade have shifted the burden on who needs to create content to effectively communicate with their markets. It used to be for the companies who could afford the big agencies; now it’s a requirement for almost every company.

The days of interruption and push marketing are over. People don’t trust company-sponsored advertisements; they trust their own research and the feedback from others.

Content marketing helps accomplish both.

Content marketing isn’t the latest fad. It’s the fundamental approach for interacting with your market in today’s digital age.

Content Is King

Your customers rarely care about your product or service. What they care about is a solution to their problem or fulfilling a psychological need. In today’s digital age, people research and connect with friends via their digital devices to perform research about solutions.

Content enables that research:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Papers
  • Podcasts
  • Photos + imagery
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Blog post
  • Email campaigns

Our Approach

Content marketing programs are unique for every brand; there are no universal templates.

We can design a program for your specific goals, audiences, messages, resources and budget which includes:

  • Content calendar
  • Topics
  • Distribution
  • Recommended resources
  • Execution plan for your team

“What a tremendous experience to go through the Next Level Leadership work! From day one I was blown away with the amount of knowledge Ken and Shad brought to us from their experience in the CEO world. They taught how to identify and maintain critical values for your company and how to create a competitive advantage as a leader. I am so grateful to have been a part of this year-long experience.”

Jason Woods
Branch Manager, Community Mortgage

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