“Over the past 4 years, Ken has assessed, trained and coached 45 of our top executives. His work has been a valuable influence on our team and their performance.”

Randy Churchey
CEO & COB, Education Realty Trust

“Ken worked closely with me for over 10 years on personnel development and mostly recently, in leading our search for our new CEO upon my retirement. He is a professional and effective at what he does.”

Niel Crowson
Retired CEO & COB, E.C. Barton and Company

“Our business has grown significantly over the past 10 years. Ken has been a valuable part of that — as a strategic consultant and as a coach to me and my executive team.”

Jeff Arnold
CEO, Fisher Arnold Inc.

Ken has been like a partner to me – as an advisor, consultant, strategist and coach on just about every business issue we’ve faced over the past 10 years. He has been invaluable to us.”

Barry Cox
CEO, F.S. Sperry

“I’ve depended on Ken for business guidance regarding our strategy and personnel development for years. He is a part of our team.”

Jim Ross
CEO, The Sharpe Group

“Ken understands the inter-workings and emotional dynamics of a family-owned business. He has been a valuable and trusted advisor for me and my family.”

Todd Watson
CEO, Armstrong Relocation

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