Team Merger and Acquisitions Integration

Most merger and acquisitions fail to achieve the financial results that the original owners anticipated. Differences in corporate culture and how teams interact are the main causes of this failure.

Placing individuals into teams or integrating teams from mergers or acquisitions requires specific knowledge and insights to make it work. What’s required to create performance teams, and what are the incentives team members want most? One ineffective or corrupt person who operates outside the values or the guidelines of the company can stall or destroy progress at the department or corporate level.

We’ve guided numerous organizations through complex mergers and integrations by leveraging our extensive experience and using our high-quality tools. Many of the tools we use are taken from Ken Edmundson’s TeamWork.

“Ken’s years of working with family offices impressed us, so we engaged him to assist us with the assessment and development of our own executive staff. Ken knows people and business. His teaching, coaching and assessment work with our senior staff has been remarkable.”

Ward McNally and Frank McGrew
Managing Partners, McNally Capital

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