Team Effectiveness Assessment and Training

Teams are the source of most of the productivity, creativity and reliability in organizations. Work and play are both successful — or not — because of the quality of teams performing the mission at hand.

When a team engages emotional and social intelligence to produce its work effectively, members benefit from what we call Collaborative Intelligence. In any team, the ability to understand one another’s emotional expressions explains 40 percent of the variance in team performance.

Understanding and developing the behaviors of success requires that team members develop and utilize these seven skills: team identity, motivation, emotional awareness, communication, stress tolerance, conflict resolution and positive mood.

“Ken’s years of working with family offices impressed us, so we engaged him to assist us with the assessment and development of our own executive staff. Ken knows people and business. His teaching, coaching and assessment work with our senior staff has been remarkable.”

Ward McNally and Frank McGrew
Managing Partners, McNally Capital

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